Match Play

Schedule.. On the Galaxy3 all teams may go to View Schedules to see their particular leagues information. Of special note is the Home and Away information, for Remote Leagues these designations must be entered correctly to get into the desired match.

At the board… Enter the League Mode menu, choose Play Remote League, and choose your league. The board then asks for you to Choose Local Team, (your team) and then asks if you are the Home or Away team? Refer to the Schedule for this information. Next it asks Choose Remote Team, (your opponent) and generally waits for that team to check in at their location. Once both teams have checked in they will progress pretty much like any other league match.


Match Errors and Remote Camera Functions

Loss of Internet Connection… If your Remote League Connection is interrupted for some reason and cannot be restored so that play can be continued immediately, the board will offer to Suspend the League. This is so that match information is not lost and the match may be completed at a future date when the connection problem has been fixed. Power loss can also trigger this type of action.

Dart Board Errors… Repeated malfunctions may require a match to move or reschedule. Both team captains must decide whether to play, move to another board or reschedule the match. All missed matches must be played and the league office must be notified. Teams must notify their local league coordinator of any stats that need credited due to a board malfunction immediately. When a match/board has malfunctioned and teams have decided to move to another board or reschedule a match…the match may be “suspended”

NOTE: Make certain that the Team Captain contacts the League Office to notify them of the board malfunction ASAP

Match Suspension… Due to weather, electrical, internet issues etc. power to the dart boards may be lost during match play. When this occurs and the power is lost to one dart board, the other team will receive a message stating that match play has been interrupted. The team will then be prompted to “resume match” or “suspend match.” Please contact the other team to confer with them before answering the dartboard prompt. Should both teams decide to continue play, select “resume match” and should both teams decide to reschedule the match simply select “suspend match” until you’ve reached an agreeable date to resume.

Once the teams involved in a suspended match decide to continue, at least one team must play on the original dart board from the malfunctioned match. Each team will choose themselves as the appropriate home/away team and the dartboard will recognize the match as being suspended. The dartboard will prompt to answer if the match was suspended, do you wish to resume? Both teams say yes and the program will take you back into the match at the point of suspension. It will recognize the match as being paid and will not require league fees again.

NOTE: Manually initiating a match suspension will require interrupting power to the dartboard for a few minutes in time.

Remote Camera Malfunction… In the event that during league play, a team recognizes that the camera is not functioning properly, please contact the opposing team to advise them that the camera is not working and no image is visible. At this point both teams MUST CHOOSE ONE OF TWO OPTIONS…1) suspend the match and move to another dartboard or 2) suspend he match to a point in time that the camera function/internet upload speed has been investigated and repaired